Week 6:

How do you think social workers should or should not participate in this discussion?  Do you think NASW Hawai`i should come out in support of one particular position? Social workers definitely should participate in activities that promote self determination. Social workers have ethical standards we follow under National Association of Social Workers. Per NASW, as […]


Were you previously familiar with the Indian Child Welfare Act? I have only heard about this during this class and somehow I am thinking how did I missed this news whether through social media or through school social studies history class. This is one historical movement with the Native Indians. What did you think of […]


How do these research methods differ from other research methods you are familiar with? The most that I am familiar with is the traditional research quantitative method where goals, participants, results, discussions are identified and explained. I’m familiar with research that is more objective, direct, precise, and concise. Valli Kalei Kanuha, connecting and being “insider-outsider/subjective-objective” […]


•Have you always thought of history and research as generally “good”? Has your perspective changed after this week’s reading and video? How? When I was growing up and exposed to (particularly) elementary, I was interested in learning history. I remember learning history and not really thinking so much about research. I found history good and interesting and somehow mesmerized […]

Week 4A:

Meyer quotes many other kumu and practitioners in her article – were there any quotes that resonated with you and why? “We had three houses on this one lot and they were all family, and there were all these kids. I thought my brother was my uncle, but that was really my brother (laughter!). It […]

Week 3B:

How have you learned what you have learned?  Where does your knowledge come from? I have learned through my life experience and values (culturally) that the elders have instill in me while growing up. I have to admit that my culture has made a huge impact on how I perceived and define things. The experiences […]

Week 3A:

After so much thought, I finally decided that for this final project, I would do digital storytelling since I enjoy visual learning. I would share my personal story of decolonization ( and colonization) how I migrated to Guam when I turned 12 (in the middle of having friends back in my homeland Philippines) and soon […]

Week 2B:

How do you experience privilege and power as a social worker? Having the ability to be part of a person’s lives and knowing their struggles and being able to assist them and advocate to help them is a privilege and power as a social worker. As a social worker, I have been touched so many […]

Week 2A:

What is your overall reaction to the film? Did you previously know about the Stolen Generations?j I was very much surprised and emotional with this film. I enjoyed watching true to life stories like this and makes me reflect on current life and situation. This made me realized how the government has improved so much […]

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